Hello world!.. My name is Josh Mountain, I live in the U.K. I am studying to become a Penetration Tester and Network Architect.

I am an independent and self-motivated individual with a passion for Information Technology, particularly around Cybersecurity. Over the past 2 years, I have worked to gain knowledge in a number of systems and have successfully completed training in ITIL 4 and FireEye. I am now looking to build on these skills and looking for opportunities in Information Technology related roles.

Since 2019, I have taught myself how to make a website using html and CSS. I am always looking for something interesting to do with computers and technology. If I am stuck with something I usually use YouTube to try and find a solution and if I still can't find it then I trial and error myself. If you press ctrl + U, you can see the source code for this page which I wrote and edited (with some help from w3schools and

My core philosophy when looking for a career is Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy meaning "A reason for being" I belive that Cybersecurity is my Ikigai as it ticks all the boxes that represent Ikigai in the venndiagram below.

For me, Cybersecurity is what I love, what the world needs, it's something I'm good at enjoy and enjoy very much as well as my vocation. It's not yet my profession due to catch 22 where I can't get a job without experience and can't get experience without a job. It's something I can and one day will be paid for.

I'm currently trying to improve this website by making it compatible on mobile devices as well as on desktop but it is proving a challenge. I also want to add a functional contact form which; I sort of have the basic part of it, I just need to find out how to make it so when a message is sent I can receive the message via email. If you click the image you'll be redirected here. If you click the home button, you'll be redirected to which I'm making my home page with the help from the top you'll be redirected to this page you can do the same when getting the 404 page by clicking or tapping the image.

You can see the work I've commited so far on my GitHub repo page labled "" or click this link If you want to you can download my repository and edit the HTML files and customise it to your liking, it's part of the reason I made it open source, not only to showcase what I have learnt, but also to make it avalible for everyone to use. the original format for this website can be found here.

I made a redirect link to the government cyber security advice on what to do if you're being phished, where to report it and who to contact, find out more here:

Made by Josh Mountain 2022 ❤️